How To Get The Best Free Car Insurance Quotes

Thursday, March 16th 2017. | Auto Insurance

If you are shopping for car insurance, filling out an online car insurance quote form is a great way to get started. To get a free car insurance quote, you will need to provide basic information about your car, driving history, and financial status. See how to complete an instant car insurance quote form and get the best policy for you by comparing your car insurance quotes before you buy.

TIP: Because you will need to provide the insurance companies with information specific to the type of auto insurance policy you are looking for, there are some terms that you will need to be familiar with before filling out an online car insurance quote form.

Be Prepared, and Get an Instant Car Insurance Quote

The Free Advice online quote form requires you to provide information that car insurers use when they determine your car insurance rates. You will need to be prepared to fill out the following:

  1. Car Details: Your online car insurance quote process begins by asking you what type of car you drive, how it is used, and what yearly mileage you put on the car. You will also be asked to identify what features come with the car that make it safer, and protect it from theft. Safety features on a car such as air bags, anti-lock brakes, and security systems can be a source of discounts on your car insurance.
  2. Deductible Payment: You will be asked what type of deductible payment you want on your policy for comprehensive and collision auto insurance coverage. Your deductible is the maximum dollar amount you will pay out of pocket to repair any damage to your car. Any amount of money over your deductible payment is money that the insurance company will pay. If you have a higher deductible payment, then you can get lower car insurance rates because you are taking on more of the risk of damage by agreeing to pay more to repair damages. Keep in mind that you do not need comprehensive or collision coverage, and can elect No Coverage for either or both types of coverage.
  3. Demographic Information: You will need to provide demographic information for the primary driver such as age, marital status, current work / school situation. If you are a student, then you will need to provide your GPA and answer whether or not you have completed a driver’s education course so the insurance companies will know what discounts you qualify for. If you are married, you will need to provide your spouse’s information even if they are not going to be a primary driver of the vehicle.
  4. Traffic History: You will need to give any traffic citations you’ve received in the last 3 years. Be sure to know the dates and type of traffic citation before getting started with your online car insurance quote. You will also need to provide information about serious offenses and license suspensions dating back 7 years.
  5. Old Policy Information: If you are changing car insurance policies, have a copy of your old one available so you can give the details of your current insurance.
  6. New Policy Information: You will need to select the basic type of car insurance coverage that you are looking for prior to submitting your quote:

KEEP IN MIND: Your online car insurance quote is based on you making accurate and well informed selections to the questions about your coverage needs. The Free Advice online car insurance quote form is designed to help you select AFFORDABLE car insurance by giving you control over your coverage and helping you find discounts that you qualify for. Know how to get the most out of your free car insurance quotes before you get started.


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